My Journey to openSUSE. Asia Summit 2016 - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Hi introduce me, I’m Umul, a girl who accidentally passed the openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016 paper submission.

This story starting from call for paper by openSUSE.Asia commiitee. I attend GLiB meetup after Idul Fitr feast to define the idea / paper that we want to submit. The former leader of GLiB, Syah Dwi Prihatmoko, urges all those present at the meeting to submit a paper.

*Photo by Muhammad Irfan*

There were nine people present at that time, 8 person submits his/her idea, but one didn’t. My paper titled "Women Contributions in Today's Technology Era", because I think, there is lack of women contribution in this technological era.

*Photo by Muhammad Irfan*

After waiting several days, there is good news ; all of GLiB member’s paper are passed, so we will became the speakers at the event. We got bussy for preparing GLiB banners and special t-shirt. :)

* Design By Muhammad Irfan & Aris Winardi *

We departed on 29 september by Taksaka train, it takes 8 hours to arrive at Yogyakarta. After arriving at the Tugu station, we use transjogja to go to the hotel. And it was my first experience up with the Transjogja, even though actually almost the same as in Jakarta. Hehe :)

(Day 0)

The day 0 was a series of  workshops were held with a limited number of participants. Enthusiastic participants till afternoon still feels crowded.

*Photo By LocalCommittee*

After dinner outside the hotel, we did preparation for the first day. All members GLiB fix all their slides, hacking things that still fail, and practice speaking in front of people in one room. And when fatigue strikes, we asleep instantly.

*Photo By Alin Nur Alifah*

(Day 1)

OpenSUSE Asia Summit officially started with the number of participants approximately 500 people. They filled the main room, and looks neat because all of them wearing the same openSUSE T-shirt given by the committee.

*Photo By LocalCommittee*

The event was divided into several class with different topics. On the first day, I'll be presenting my idea. And it turns out I will speaking on the main hall. Feel a bit nervous And it turned out the participants when viewed from the front looks a lot, make me feel more nervous. Anyway, I did it. :)

*Photo By Dendy Putra Delly*

(Day 2)

Participants still like yesterday, but I was slightly relieved at today. Some of GLiB members still have to speaks for their topics at the second day.

*Photo By Dendy Putra Delly*

This day is the closing of openSUSE Asia Summit. Before the end, Kentaro Hatori, Takeyama and Ommo from Japan presented their proposals for openSUSE Asia Summit 2017 in Japan. Horaay .. See you next year in Japan. *Aamiin* :)

*Photo By Dendy Putra Delly*

(One Day Trip)

After three days of the event. Speakers and local commite go to the Temple of Borobudur, Prambanan and the last to Malioboro street.

*Photo By Dendy Putra Delly*

Thank you for all of the Local Committee and Volunteers.


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